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NVIDIA Announces Aerial, a Software-defined Stack for Telco Systems

At Mobile World Congress Los Angeles, NVIDIA unveiled Aerial, a set of SDKs that enables GPU-accelerated, software defined 5G wireless radio access network (RAN). Today, NVIDIA Aerial provides two critical new SDKs: CUDA Virtual Network Functions (cuVNF) and CUDA Baseband (cuBB). These SDKs simplify building highly programmable and scalable software-defined 5G RANs using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers with NVIDIA GPUs.

Software-defined RAN is critical to building a modern telco edge infrastructure that’s capable of running a range of intelligent applications and the 5G RAN on a common infrastructure.

As the world’s largest telecommunication companies (Telcos) transition to 5G,  they’ll be looking to maximize their return on investment by sharing their edge fabric for 5G RAN. Sharing computing will deliver elasticity, the ability to allocate resources as network traffic and customer demand changes throughout the day. Telcos will be able to dynamically provision different services, each with its own quality of service (QoS) requirements, including AI at the edge, cloud AR/VR, and cloud gaming.

Announcing the cuBB SDK

The NVIDIA cuBB SDK provides a CUDA-based GPU accelerated 5G Signal Processing pipeline including cuPHY for L1 5G Phy which delivers unprecedented throughput and efficiency by keeping all physical layer processing within the GPU’s high-performance CUDA cores and memory.

The NVIDIA cuVNF SDK works in unison with cuBB by providing optimized input/output (IO) directly to GPU memory from GPUDirect capable network interface cards (NICs), such as Mellanox CX-5 and CX-6. NVIDIA Aerial SDKs run on the NVIDIA EGX stack, which is compatible with all commercially available Kubernetes infrastructures. 

Running on NVIDIA’s EGX Platform

The NVIDIA EGX platform brings AI computing capabilities to the edge where data gets created. The NVIDIA EGX stack, which is compatible with all commercially available Kubernetes infrastructures is an ideal platform for Aerial enabling low power, always-on, and high-performance devices, reshaping the telecom industry.


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