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Unlocking the Promise of 5G

Wireless carriers have been hyping the next generation cellular technology, 5G, for years but the reality of it is certain to start rolling out this year. 8 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Webinar: Limitless Extended Reality with NVIDIA CloudXR 2.0

Learn how NVIDIA CloudXR can be used to deliver limitless virtual and augmented reality over networks (including 5G) to low cost, low-powered headsets and… < 1
Graphics / Simulation

Streaming Simulation and Training Applications with Project Anywhere

Imagine a future where ultra-high-fidelity simulation and training applications are deployed over any network topology from a centralized secure cloud or on… 7 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Accelerating Intelligent Video Analytics Using Ultra-Efficient 5G Core with Mavenir and NVIDIA Edge AI

For the past decade and a half, an increasing number of businesses have moved their traditional IT applications from on-premises to public clouds. 10 MIN READ

Improving 5G Performance Using OvS Over ASAPĀ² with AMD EPYC 7002 and NVIDIA Mellanox SmartNICs

Over the last five years, compute and storage technology have achieved substantial performance increases. At the same time, they’ve been hampered by PCI Express… 10 MIN READ

5G CloudRAN and Edge AI End-to-End System Featuring NVIDIA Aerial SDK and EGX Platform

5G CloudRAN is the cloud-native architecture that supports PHY layer processing for high-speed, low bandwidth, software-defined network applications. < 1