5G CloudRAN and Edge AI End-to-End System Featuring NVIDIA Aerial SDK and EGX Platform

5G CloudRAN is the cloud-native architecture that supports PHY layer processing for high-speed, low bandwidth, software-defined network applications. 

The Aerial SDK provides libraries and functions to implement L1 layer processing with LDPC optimization and other features. With O-RAN fronthaul and Aerial SDK PHY capabilities, seamless packet flow can be achieved from edge application to COTS servers and vice versa. The software-defined implementation reduces time-consuming data transfers between components of the network stack improving overall performance.

This end-to-end demonstration shows the 5G CloudRAN on NVIDIA GPU for fast processing by solving complex computations in less time. 

To learn more about the demo, read this tutorial on the NVIDIA Developer Blog, Building an Accelerated 5G CloudRAN at the Edge.

Download the Aerial SDK here.

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