3d illustration human body heart and brain.
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AI Algorithm Quickly Identifies Heart Failure

The deep learning model accurately predicts if a patient is experiencing heart failure by finding subtle changes in EKGs, often undetectable to the human eye. 3 MIN READ
NVIDIA BlueField DPU card
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Get Ready for the NVIDIA DPU Hackathon in North America

Register now for the NVIDIA DPU Hackathon in north America. Compete to develop accelerated applications for the BlueField DPU using NVIDIA DOCA software. 2 MIN READ
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How Edge Computing is Transforming Healthcare

Forward-thinking healthcare organizations are adopting edge computing. 6 MIN READ
Featured image for Nsight development tools
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Optimizing GPU Utilization with Nsight Compute 2021.3

Featured image for Nsight development tools product line. 3 MIN READ
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Transform the Future with Robotics at NVIDIA GTC

More than 15 sessions will be presented covering autonomous machines and robotics-specific topics, ranging from manufacturing automation… 4 MIN READ
Image shows Carter V2 Mobile Robot with semantic Lidar in warehouse scene.
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NVIDIA Isaac ROS Delivers AI Perception to ROS Developers

In conjunction with ROS World 2021, NVIDIA announced its latest efforts to deliver performant perception technologies to the ROS developer community. 5 MIN READ