Our focus is to provide the SDK to customers who aim to build a RAN system. This is an NDA program available to download the L1 implementation of 5G stack. Please register or log in using your company email credentials to help us evaluate and grant access. We thank you for your patience as we ramp up this program.

The NVIDIA Aerial SDK helps developers building telecommunications applications build the most programmable, scalable and energy efficient software-defined 5G networks.

If you are a developer building Virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) and are interested in evaluating our SDK please request access to the NVIDIA Aerial early access program by clicking the "Join now" button below.

Who is it for: Aerial SDK selected customers for developing cloud native vRAN solutions for various deployment scenarios and applications.

  • Telco vendors looking to develop network stack over vRAN L1 layer
  • NEP customers to collaborate on network infrastructure with transmission equipment, CPE and other system integration.
  • Higher education and research community focusing on advanced topics in 5G stack, NFV, SDN, Open RAN, etc.
  • Government agencies looking to optimize signal processing using GPU compute integrated with the NVIDIA ConnectX® SmartNIC.

    Please review the license agreement before joining the program. If you accept the terms please join below.

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