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Using a Network Digital Twin as an IT Training Tool

As organizations rely on complex network systems to support their operations, the need for well-trained network administrators is becoming increasingly... 3 MIN READ
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Explainer: What Is a DPU?

Specialists in moving data in data centers, DPUs, or data processing units, are a new class of programmable processor and will join CPUs and GPUs as one of the... < 1
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Inline GPU Packet Processing with NVIDIA DOCA GPUNetIO

A growing number of network applications need to exercise GPU real-time packet processing in order to implement high data rate solutions: data filtering, data... 19 MIN READ
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Developers Design Innovative Network Security Solutions at the NVIDIA Cybersecurity Hackathon

The latest NVIDIA Cybersecurity Hackathon brought together 10 teams to create exciting cybersecurity innovations using the NVIDIA Morpheus cybersecurity AI... 4 MIN READ
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Hands-on Access to VMware vSphere on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs with NVIDIA LaunchPad

Two years ago, NVIDIA and VMware announced that they would reimagine and re-architect the data center. Hundreds of engineers dedicated across each company have... 6 MIN READ
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How AI-Enabled Functionality Is Transforming 5G RAN

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in boosting performance and energy efficiency in cellular network operations is rapidly becoming clear. This is... 7 MIN READ