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Kubernetes for Network Engineers

Using the same orchestration on-premise and on the public cloud allows a high level of agility and ease of operations. You can use the same API across bare… 11 MIN READ

eCommerce and Open Ethernet: Criteo Clicks with SONiC

By multisourcing hardware from different vendors, Criteo would be able to reduce costs, gain more flexibility in the procurement process… 4 MIN READ

Streamlining Kubernetes Networking in Scale-out GPU Clusters with the new NVIDIA Network Operator 1.0

NVIDIA EGX contains the NVIDIA GPU Operator and the new NVIDIA Network Operator 1.0 to standardize and automate the deployment of all the necessary components… 8 MIN READ

Innovate, Automate, and Scale with Cumulus 4.4

The recently released Cumulus Linux 4.4. In CL 4.4 provides innovation, advanced features and scale enhancements based on the guiding principles of simplicity. 4 MIN READ

NVIDIA Continues BlueField DPU/DOCA Momentum with the Release of DOCA 1.1

NVIDIA released the NVIDIA DOCA 1.1 software framework for NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, the world’s most advanced Data Processing Unit (DPU). 6 MIN READ

Using VXLAN Routing with EVPN Through Asymmetric or Symmetric Models

This posts compares asymmetric and symmetric EVPN routing models using EVPN as the control plane. It provides architecture differences and maps them to specific… 7 MIN READ