Build and Deploy GPU-Accelerated 5G Virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN)

NVIDIA Aerial™ is an application framework for building high-performance, software-defined, GPU-accelerated, cloud-native 5G networks that deliver high performance to customers and improved total cost of ownership to service providers. Aerial supports GPU acceleration of the 5G stack and can be used for only physical layer 1 or the full stack. Aerial is the key building block of Telco 5G vRAN, AI-on-5G, RAN-in-the-Cloud, and Aerial Research Cloud.

We are no longer accepting Aerial SDK Early Access Program requests. In April 2024, NVIDIA Aerial software and documentation will be available through membership of the NVIDIA 6G Developer Program. Please join this new program to ensure continued access to the latest Aerial information and software releases.

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100% Software Defined

NVIDIA Aerial SDK is a highly-programmable PHY layer and has the capability to support L2+ functions seamlessly.

High Performance and AI Ready

With GPU-accelerated processing, complex computations run faster than existing L1 processing solutions. Faster implementation of L1 functions give improved performance results.


100% commercial off-the-shelf hardware support with Aerial SDK makes it easier to deploy cloud-native platforms such as NVIDIA Certified Systems™. It is Kubernetes based and provides container orchestration for ease of deployment and management.

NVIDIA Aerial SDK Stack

NVIDIA Aerial enables GPU-accelerated signal and data processing for 5G wireless RANs.

The NVIDIA Aerial SDK package simplifies building programmable and scalable software-defined 5G RAN. The Aerial SDK supports:

CUDA® Baseband (cuBB)
The NVIDIA cuBB SDK provides a GPU-accelerated 5G signal processing pipeline, including cuPHY for Layer 1 5G PHY. It delivers unprecedented throughput and efficiency by keeping all physical layer processing within the high-performance GPU memory.

CUDA Virtual Network Functions (cuVNF)
The NVIDIA cuVNF SDK provides optimized input/output and packet processing, exchanging packets directly between GPU memory and GPUDirect®-capable NVIDIA ConnectX®-6 DX network interface cards.

Building on NVIDIA Aerial

There are two ways to get started with NVIDIA Aerial — the NVIDIA Aerial Developer Kit or building your own.

Designed to jump-start performance evaluation and benchmarking for RAN development, the integrated reference design provides preinstalled test vectors under the NVIDIA Aerial SDK and high-compute and signal processing power with NVIDIA GPUs and DPUs delivering an out-of-the-box guided experience. Key features include:

  • Preinstalled Aerial SDK and software environment
  • Test scripts that benchmark KPIs
  • Logged results of developer kit configuration, including hardware, environment, SDK, and sample test execution
  • Ability to exercise specific or all included test cases

The bring your own, bare-metal installation provides flexibility to use your own hardware setup and installing Aerial SDK to implement 5G RAN functions.

NVIDIA Aerial RAN CoLab Over-the-Air (ARC-OTA)

ARC-OTA is a research platform that enables usage scenarios and requirements for multi-terabit per second (Tb/s) cognitive 6G networks. It offers a fully programmable network architecture incorporating an intelligent plane to 6G wireless connectivity, AI and machine learning for autonomous networks, as well as innovative air-interface designs. The platform enables algorithm design for promising baseband technologies for the 6G ecosystem, including terahertz (THz) band communications, very-large-scale antenna arrays, reconfigurable intelligent surfaces, digital beamforming, spectrum sharing, and the Internet of Things.

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