This page contains instructional videos for NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics. These videos are a great resource for enhancing your understanding of all the features Nsight Graphics has to offer.

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Nsight Graphics 2021.4 - Release Spotlight

This NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (NGFX) 2021.4 release spotlight highlights these new features:

  • GPU Trace with One-shot capture feature
  • GPU Trace now supports applications that utilize Vulkan-CUDA interop
  • Analysis view for GPU Trace
  • Resizable BAR capabilities

Nsight Graphics 2021.4 release is available to Download Now!

Nsight Graphics 2019.4 Spotlight

This NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (NGFX) 2019.4 release spotlight highlights these new features:

  • OpenGL Profiling on Turing-based GPUs in the Range Profiler
  • GPU Trace Resource Barrier visualization
  • Acceleration Structure Viewer on Linux
  • API Support and Core Performance improvements

Nsight Graphics Overview | New in 2019.4 available 2019/07/29 | YouTube

Introducing: Nsight Graphics

NVIDIA Nsight Graphics (NGFX) is a graphics debugger and profiler that allows you to get under the hood of your GPU. With a large gamut of productivity improving tools, NGFX gives you unparalleled levels of access into what your graphics API is really doing.

Presented 03-21-2018 | Introducing: Nsight Graphics | YouTube

Dive deep to resolve rendering and performance issues with Pixel History in Nsight

Use Pixel History to select a render target and drill down to each of the events that contributed to the resultant pixel. In DirectX 11 and OpenGL applications, the Pixel History view will show the pixel's input and output colors as a result of the draw call's render operation. Using the power of Nsight's Graphics Debugger, you can examine each event's draw call, render target shader and texture resources, and geometry.

Posted 01-04-2018 | NVIDIA Nsight VSE - Spotlight: Pixel History | YouTube

Learn how to debug VR applications using NVIDIA Nsight and Unreal Engine 4

A new era is beginning in PC graphics; low-level graphics APIs and VR headsets for masses that introduce a new set of challenges for how to program graphics for next-gen games. NVidia's Jeff Kiel covers the latest offering of developer tools for DirectX development and VR. Developers are shown how to recognize the new API concepts through demos and walkthroughs, as well as how to profile DirectX with a preview of the v5.2 Range Profiler. Developers will also learn how to take advantage of NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition to develop VR applications.

Presented 03-17-2016 | 11:30:00 | Using Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.1 | GDC Vault