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NVIDIA® Linux Graphics Debugger 2.0 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program. This release introduces the Range Profiler, extends OpenGL support, adds and improves graphics debugging tests and tools, and includes support for the Pascal GPU family. Enjoy!

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New with NVIDIA® Linux Graphics Debugger 2.0

Features and Improvements:

  • Frame debugging and profiling can be done on the latest Pascal family of GPUs (Requires Linux display driver version 370.23 or newer)
  • The Range Profiler is a powerful new view for determining how your application utilizes the GPU
    • All new performance library for improved GPU instrumentation as well as collection speed and accuracy
    • Improved data mining allowing the user to construct ranges from sections of the scene based on predefined or user-defined criteria
    • Elapsed GPU time is reported for each range, as well as hardware statistics detailing how efficiently the GPU was used
  • Added new Disable Depth Test and Disable Cull Face performance tests
  • Better support for GL_ARB_draw_indirect, GL_ARB_multi_draw_indirect, and other extensions
  • Improved Resources View UI, including side by side selection and resource inspection
  • Improved the Geometry View with powerful visualization capabilities and automated detection of vertex buffer data errors
  • Added Issues column to the Events View to point out potential bugs and performance issues, correlated to the event stream
  • Frame Debugger now has a Capture Next Frame feature to help track down intermittent issues
  • Users can now retry capture if unsupported OpenGL operations are encountered

Known Issues:

  • If you are using multiple OpenGL contexts for rendering, the real time signal graph data may not be accurate
  • If you are using OpenGL features before 4.0 and try to capture a frame, you will be prompted if you want to continue, but LGD could exhibit unexpected behavior or instability