NVIDIA HairWorks

NVIDIA HairWorks enables users to simulate and render fur/hair to provide a truly interactive game experience. The technology originates from multiple simulation and rendering technologies that NVIDIA has developed in the past. This combines rendering technologies for human hair (GDC 2008) as well as various simulation technologies shown in multiple events (Fur Demo - GDC2012). To make the hair/fur technologies a product, NVIDIA engineers have put together these existing technologies and added new techniques to ensure a smooth pipeline for a variety of characters.


Key Features
  • Supports off-the shelf grooming tools
  • Shape & style control
  • Self shadowing
  • Body to hair shadow casting
  • Wind interaction
  • Level of Detail
  • Scalability
  • Real time editing in viewer
Platforms PC
Dependencies DX11
Tools 3dsMax/Maya/Previewer
Engines UE4 (GitHub)
Quick Links NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1
NVIDIA HairWorks Tutorials
External Links Introducing NVIDIA HairWorks
Bringing fur to computer games

NVIDIA HairWorks in Game/Demo Examples

HairWorks 1.1

NVIDIA HairWorks makes it easy to bring hair and fur to life—in real-time! With HairWorks version 1.1, NVIDIA has added support for authoring, rendering, and simulation of long-hair assets. Since HairWorks is using DX11 for rendering/simulation, it can run on any DX11 capable GPU.


HairWorks Asset by Tarkan Sarim

Long Hair simulated and rendered in real-time using NVIDIA HairWorks 1.1. The High Quality version is using roughly 500k hair. If you click here you can see more videos as well as a version with roughly 22k hair.


The Witcher 3

Check out some of the NVIDIA GameWorks effects integrated in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! Over three-dozen animals and monsters feature NVIDIA HairWorks for stunningly realistic fur and hair that moves with the creatures movement as well as environmental effects such wind. Enjoy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt the Way It’s Meant to Be Played.


Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4's Kyrat is filled with animals, making it the perfect place for NVIDIA HairWorks, an NVIDIA GameWorks technology. You'll come across hairy animals in cut scenes, cinematics, and general gameplay where they're hunting you, and you're hunting them. With HairWorks enabled, animals are enhanced with hundreds of thousands of DirectX 11 tessellated hair strands that look real and act dynamically to external forces.


Monster Hunter Online BM

Monster Hunter Online is a multi-player online game which was developed in collaboration between Capcom and Tencent. The benchmark version was released on Jan 5th 2015 by Tencent to showcase the beautiful scenery, a series of advanced rendering technologies as well as some of the NVIDIA Gameworks tech, such as NVIDIA HairWorks, HBAO+, Clothing.


King of Wushu

King of Wushu brings a highly stylized martial arts world to life with Cryengine 3. In this special sneak trailer, the development team at Snail Games demonstrates the use of NVIDIA GameWorks (HairWorks and PhysX Clothing), with highly refined dynamic animations and realistic-looking gameplay.
King of Wushu is an upcoming Kungfu-themed MOBA from developer Snail Games. Building on the unique style and themes of previous title Age of Wushu, King of Wushu aims to create a vivid and graphically stunning world of wandering heroes, Buddhist monks, and nimble assassins.
King of Wushu is currently in development, with release set for 2015.


NVIDIA HairWorks

NVIDIA HairWorks overview video showcasing the technology in games like Call of Duty: Ghost and different assets from The Witcher 3, e.g. wolf and horse.


Call of Duty:Ghosts

NVIDIA HairWorks was used for the dynamic fur simulation of Riley and the wolves. Each fur asset has about 400-500K hair strands. Most of these hairs are dynamically created on the fly inside GPU from roughly 10K guide hairs that are simulated and provide basis for further tessellation.


The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt

The upcoming Witcher 3 game will be making use of NVIDIA HairWorks technology. At E3 a preview of the real-time fur simulation was shown.