GeForce NOW Developer Platform

The GeForce NOW Developer Platform is an SDK and toolset empowering integration of, interaction with, and testing on the NVIDIA cloud gaming service.

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GeForce NOW Developer Platform
The GFN Developer Platform includes APIs, runtimes, samples, and documentation for integration with GeForce NOW. It provides a portal of developer tools for leveraging the GeForce NOW infrastructure.

Benefits of the GeForce NOW Developer Platform

Add cloud gaming
to your app

Launch a GeForce NOW powered game-streaming session from your launcher, store, or website in a single API call.

Optimize your game
for the cloud

Make your game aware when it is running in the cloud. Recognize sessions with mobile devices, trigger virtual keyboard on text entry, and enable touch interaction.

Connect user accounts and game libraries

Allow users to connect their account on your platform with their account on GeForce NOW to avoid logins. Support them synchronizing their library with your platform in a single step.

Test your game
in the cloud

(Pilot program) Move playtesting to the cloud. Distribute builds through the cloud, schedule sessions with remote participants, play and watch sessions from anywhere.


The GeForce NOW SDK (GFN SDK) allows developers to enhance their games to run more seamlessly on GFN (e.g. for mobile devices), to add cloud gaming into their stores and launchers, and to allow users to connect their accounts and libraries to GFN. The SDK is a set of APIs, runtimes, samples, and documentation allowing games to query for cloud execution and enable virtual touchscreen, launchers to trigger cloud streaming of a specified game, and GFN and publisher backends to facilitate account linking and game library ownership synching.

GFN SDK primer
GFN SDK repo

GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest

GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest

Coming soon! GeForce NOW (GFN) Cloud Playtest is the first in a set of virtual development tools built on GFN infrastructure enabling developers to manage their content on the GFN service, triage issues, and move more of their game development workflow into the cloud. These tools will allow one to upload game patches, schedule deployment, and debug issues via direct access to a game seat in the cloud. Its first feature, GFN Cloud Playtest, virtualizes all aspects of testing a pre-released game with a set of external players: game build distribution, scheduling, playing in and observing sessions are all performed via the cloud.

Watch our GTC presentation on Cloud Playtest

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