GeForce NOW Developer Platform

The GeForce NOW (GFN) developer platform is a portal, toolset, and SDK empowering integration, interaction, and testing on NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service.

GeForce NOW Developer Platform

The GFN developer platform includes a one-stop developer portal, cloud development tools, APIs, runtimes, samples, and documentation for deployment and operation on, and integration with GeForce NOW.

Benefits of the GeForce NOW Developer Platform

Make Your Title GFN-ready

Maximize the performance of your title on GFN by integrating the GeForce NOW software development kit and making your content cloud-aware. Simple API calls allow you to determine whether your title is running within GFN’s infrastructure and provide finer control over a cloud session’s execution.

Debug and Test Your Title

Access your title in different ways using GFN Developer Portal’s (GDP) debug and test workflows. Rapidly test new content, perform collaborative quality assurance, and host playtests. Access specifically configured seats in the cloud to investigate functionality, performance, or compatibility issues with your title.

Deploy Your Game to GFN

GFN automatically pulls your content directly from your store branches: making pre-release content available for secure testing and production content available to end users with minimal delay. Harness GFN’s gameplay dashboard to monitor end-user gameplay usage data for your content.

Deploy Your Streaming Web Experience

Integrate your graphics and compute-intensive applications into web-based experiences using the GFN SDK to integrate streaming and GDP to configure and deploy your interactive content for frictionless access by the public or a defined audience.

GeForce NOW Developer Portal

GeForce NOW Developer Portal (GDP) brings the power of GFN cloud streaming infrastructure to content developers and publishers to virtualize their interactive graphics title development and distribution. GDP offers workflows to create, deploy, and maintain rich interactive streaming experiences for game content on GeForce NOW and other interactive content on Graphics Delivery Network (GDN). The portal has a rich set of tools and services to help developers test and debug their streaming content, along with dashboards to track usage. Detailed documentation and support are also available to developers via GDP.

Access the Geforce NOW Developer Portal
GeForce NOW Cloud Playtest



The GeForce NOW SDK (GFN SDK) allows developers to enhance their games and applications to run seamlessly on GFN, or to add cloud gaming into their web stores and launchers while allowing users to connect their accounts and libraries to GFN for low-friction single-sign-on. The SDK is a set of APIs, runtimes, samples, and documentation which enables games and applications to perform many cloud gaming related actions: from enabling seamless integration with client mobile devices, to game launcher applications triggering cloud streaming of a specified game, and GFN and publisher backend for facilitating account linking and game library ownership synchronization.

GFN SDK Primer

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