Today, games use a variety of ways and methods of storing in-game settings. This makes automating testing, setting, and query of in-game parameters a daunting task, effectively requiring engineers to reverse engineer each application's mechanisms and come up with customized harnesses on a per-app basis. This makes tasks like integrating a game with applications like GeForce Experience a time-consuming and error prone task. GeForce Experience Settings API (GSA) sets to solve this problem.

GeForce Experience, and other NVIDIA platforms (such as NVIDIA GRID) require us to come up with elaborate harnesses to automatically execute games, tweak in-game parameters, etc. Latter is the biggest obstacle; and our test engineers spend most of their time reverse engineering in-game parameters (settings) storage and coming up with ways to change them automatically.

With introduction of GSA, we are trying to solve that problem by standardizing the way a game stores and exposes it's settings. Games that integrate GSA will work with GeForce Experience out of the box, using a standardized harness to query settings stored by the GSA API for a game, and to set settings that a particular situation requires.

Key Features
  • Plug and play GeForce Experience (GFE) integration for your game
  • Standardized XML-based in-game parameters storage engine
  • Simple C API to parse and query the XML storage
  • Simple integration into your game
  • Can be used as main in-game parameters storage engine