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RTX for Indies: Stunning Ray-Traced Lighting Achieved with RTXGI in Action-Platformer Escape from Naraka

Developed by XeloGames, an indie studio of just three, and published by Headup Games, Escape from Naraka achieves eye-catching ray-traced lighting using RTXGI… 4 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter Covers Ray Tracing in Remedy’s Control

This chapter, written by Juha Sjöholm, Paula Jukarainen, and Tatu Aalto, presents how all ray tracing based effects were implemented in Remedy Entertainment' < 1
Graphics / Simulation

New Suite of Nsight Tools for Gaming and Graphics Developers

Nsight developer tools is a suite of powerful tools and SDKs for profiling, debugging and optimizing applications focused on improving performance for graphics… 5 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

NVIDIA DLSS SDK Now Available for All Developers with Linux Support, Unreal Engine 5 Plugin and New Customizable Options

NVIDIA has made Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) easier and more flexible than ever for developers to access and integrate in their games. 2 MIN READ
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Learn More About Reservoir Sampling in Free Ray Tracing Gems II Chapter

As the August 4 release date for Ray Tracing Gems II nears, NVIDIA is offering another free chapter from the book to celebrate. This time… < 1
Graphics / Simulation

NVIDIA Nsight Perf SDK v2021.1 Now Available

The NVIDIA Nsight Perf SDK is a graphics profiling toolbox for DirectX, Vulkan, and OpenGL, enabling you to collect GPU performance metrics directly from your… 2 MIN READ