NVIDIA Flow is GameWorks' latest offering for combustible fluid, fire and smoke simulation, following in the footsteps of NVIDIA Turbulence and FlameWorks. The Flow library is implemented in DX11, and will run on any recent DX11-capable GPU. The fluid simulation in NVIDIA Flow is modeled on a dynamic grid for maximum flexibility with the least memory impact, and is optimized for use of Volume Tiled Resources when available. NVIDIA Flow is available as a beta now.


The NVIDIA Flow demo application offers several sample effects where you can explore Flow behavior and learn about parameters that control the simulation.

Key Features
  • Combustible fluid, fire, smoke
  • Dynamic grid simulator
  • DX11.2/11.3/12 library and sample application.
  • Volume rendering
Platforms PC
Dependencies DX11
Engines UE4 integration Q3-2016