The GameWorks Showcase allows NVIDIA to celebrate the development teams who have put GameWorks tools to great use. Every week, new teams will be added to the list, bringing attention to game makers that have integrated NVIDIA Highlights, NVIDIA Ansel, Turf Effects, VXAO, FleX, HairWorks, WaveWorks, and more.

World renowned studios have embraced these GameWorks tools, resulting in breathtaking digital creations. Consumers have adopted NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience-supported media sharing capabilities, telling new stories via social media through video captures (with Highlights) and still-frame photographs (with Ansel).

NVIDIA Highlights

Team Ninja


In "Ninja Gaiden Black", if you opt to play in easy mode, your hero is forced to wear a pink bow. In "Dead or Alive 4", 10 consecutive losses unlocks a special Xbox Achievement worth 0 points. Team Ninja expects players to rise to intense challenges... and they are happy to mock those who can't step up. This makes "Nioh", the studio's masterful take on the masocore genre, a perfect fit for NVIDIA Highlights. Every downed enemy represents an accomplishment; every victory is worth boasting about. By integrating NVIDIA's capture technology, players will be able to end sessions with proof that they really did down that Ogress, and show friends how they did it with flair. If you're making a game that's focused on testing the mettle of core gamers, NVIDIA Highlights integration is essential.

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PUBG Corporation


In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, a player's full attention is required, because any false step can instantly end a session. This tension makes every victory feel exhilarating, and every loss feel devastating. PUBG is a great example of emergent storytelling - the developers set the stage, but it's the player base that defines the big moments. Unlike a movie or a traditional single-player videogame, nobody experiences the same story. Nothing is predicable. This makes every shared video clip of PUBG unique and interesting... but if the game requires complete concentration, how can a player switch gears to grab their best moments? The answer: let NVIDIA Highlights do it for you. Developers set the triggers for video capture, and players don't have to think about video clips until the end of a session, where they can rifle through movies of every kill, and decide which they'd like to share on social media.



Ninja Theory

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade's heroine, Senua, is unique to the world of games. While struggling with mental illness, she displays a wide range of emotional states, elegantly articulated through facial expression and body langauge. The character is so emotive that when she's captured in a still photo, you can sense what she's feeling, just by looking into her eyes. This has resulted in a beautiful series of photographs taken by players, hosted on the SHOT WITH GEFORCE Hellblade gallery.

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SHOT WITH GEFORCE Hellblade Gallery


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

"Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" presents a dark, exciting vision of J.R.R.Tolkien's Legendarium, providing in-game photographers an ideal opportunity to capture stunning images through NVIDIA Ansel. When looking at the "Shadow of War" player-sourced SHOT WITH GEFORCE gallery, the game's highly varied shifts in visual tone is instantly communicated, giving a great sense of the game's depth. Talion's journey takes him to the fiery pits of Mount Doom, the last Gondorian stronghold in Mordor, and Sauran's heavily fortified fortress. Each location has a unique look and feel, letting players use Ansel to capture both intimate, introspective moments and epic scenes of large scale battle.

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SHOT WITH GEFORCE Shadow of War Gallery


Star Wars™ Battlefront II™

“We’ve all grown up surrounded by amazing Star Wars™ imagery, from the famous Drew Struzan movie posters to Kenner’s Cloud City Playset. For our art team, it’s been a dream come true to contribute to the visual language of this rich cinematic universe. Ansel has allowed us to pass this opportunity to our players, and the results have been spectacular. The Star Wars™ Battlefront II™ community has jumped at the chance to frame their own dream battles, creating iconic images that would feel at home in a gallery. We get to see Star Wars™ through the eyes of our players, which is the perfect way to share something we all love so deeply.”

- Andrew Hamilton, DICE Art Director

DICE captures mood and ambience through art design like few other developers. It's all in the small details. When you play "Star Wars™ Battlefront II™", look carefully at Yoda's character model. You can see every hard-earned wrinkle on his brow, just like in the movies. Check out how Darth Maul's eyes shimmer, projecting his condescension and hate. Examine the reflective palace floors in Naboo. Polished to a shine, they make blaster fire and lightsabers look spectacular. With NVIDIA Ansel and "Star Wars™ Battlefront II™", you can run through the Star Wars Universe with a high resolution camera, recreating the most epic moments in the saga's history... or crafting new heroic moments of your own. Then share your art on social media, or with the growing community at

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SHOT WITH GEFORCE Star Wars™ Battlefront II™ Gallery

Mirror's Edge Catalyst

This reboot of "Mirror’s Edge" presents a world that calls out for Ansel still-frame capture. Pristine white walls, accented with dashes of red, orange, and yellow. Buildings stretching to the clouds. Scaffolding, bridges, and pipes that encourage imaginative parkour techniques to navigate. This is the type of game that you want to pause frequently, just to take everything in. Now, you can also detach the camera and catch heroine Faith Connors in the perfect heroic pose and take a snapshot. The artists at DICE have created a gorgeous playground; NVIDIA has empowered players with the tools to capture their favorite moments with artistic finesse.

SHOT WITH GEFORCE Mirror's Edge Catalyst Gallery

Studio Wildcard

ARK Survival Evolved

“Studio Wildcard is all about empowering our gamers to tell their own unique story through exploration, and with Ansel we give them the perfect tool to do just that. It has already inspired fans to create and experience ARK in new ways like they couldn’t before,”

- Jesse Rapczak, Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard

"Ark: Surival Evolved" transports players to a dangerous world filled with prehistoric predators, tasking new inhabitants to find shelter, build friendships, and survive a trecherous landscape. The experience draws in creative players who enjoy design; so much of the fun in "Ark: Survival Evolved" is tied to your ability to make the world your own. This makes Ansel integration a natural fit; as you shape the environment to your liking, you are able to capture your creative process as still frames, in spectacular resolutions. For many, this process becomes a critical part of the play experience itself.

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SHOT WITH GEFORCE ARK Survival Evolved Gallery