You can find Open Source components for some of NVIDIA's GameWorks technology packages at these locations.

Cider / Forge

Wine-derived components of Cider and Forge licensed under GNU LGPL terms are available from NVIDIA's public Github repository.

The repository also includes additional components required to build the Cider or Forge LGPL libraries, and these other components remain covered by the terms of the LICENSE files in the repository. Please review the README file in the winex directory for information on building the source code.

Additional Forge Runtime Components

Additional runtime components distributed with Forge-enabled games, including GNU glibc components, libgcc and libstdc++ components, and ZLib components are available for download here.

These components are taken verbatim from binaries and sources provided by Ubuntu 12.04.

GameWorks Samples

NVIDIA makes a series of graphical and GPGPU compute samples available for developers. For more information, see the GameWorks Samples overview page.