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NVIDIA Developer News

Game Development - May 16 2019

NVIDIA’s Holger Gruen enjoys snorkeling, a useful past-time when your day job includes figuring out how to help game developers get the most out of ray-traced water caustics in DXR

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Game Development - May 14 2019

Why is real-time raytracing the future of lighting in game development? Because it allows artists to create more realistic visuals while simplifying the content preparation process

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Game Development - May 09 2019

If you are building Vulkan applications, Nsight Graphics is an indispensable tool in your utility belt. At GDC 2019, NVIDIA’s Jeff Kiel explained how Nsight Graphics can help solve the most puzzling graphics rendering and performance problems.

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Game Development - Apr 25 2019

Global illumination light leaking is a persistent problem for artists in the game industry

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Game Development - Apr 23 2019

In the excerpt below, Anjul Patney, Senior Research Scientist at NVIDIA, provides information on how to capture data for neural network training.

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