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Top Game Development Sessions at NVIDIA GTC

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The latest NVIDIA breakthroughs in graphics are elevating workflows in game development, and you can experience it all at NVIDIA GTC, which starts November 8.  

We have several GTC sessions for game developers, content creators, and engineers looking to explore new tools and techniques accelerated by NVIDIA technologies, from real-time rendering to cloud gaming. And speakers from leading companies such as Electronic Arts and Square Enix will share some of their experiences with the latest graphics technologies.

Register for free and experience how NVIDIA is powering real-time ray tracing technologies and advanced AI capabilities that help users experience maximum game performance in both physical and virtual environments. 

Gameplay screenshot with tanks from the newly released Battlefield 2024.
Figure 1. Gameplay screenshot from the upcoming title Battlefield 2024.

Towards Advanced Automated Game Testing with AI
Led by Konrad Tolmar, director of AI research at Electronic Arts (EA), this session will observe the benefits of reinforcement learning and automated methods that enhance game testing.

Integrating DLSS in Frostbite

Join this session to also learn more about ray-traced ambient occlusion, and hear how the team at EA integrated GPU-accelerated ray tracing into complex engines like Frostbite for maximum performance.

Beyond Game Streaming – Cloud-Native Games

Learn about Eidos-Sherbrookke’s exploration into cloud-native game experiences, and hear about the diverse possibilities in rendering, physical interactions, and AI in cloud gaming.

More Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Human Performances

Join this session to discover the realistic methods of capturing human performance and animated assets with volumetric video. Learn how the 3D nature of the technique is ideal for integration into virtual environments.

Gaming’s Next Global Hotspot

Dive into the latest trends and growth opportunities in Africa’s gaming industry. This panel discussion will cover how developers, startups, and NVIDIA can contribute to the growth of gaming in Africa.


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