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GTC 21: Top 5 Graphics/Simulation Technical Sessions

NVIDIA technology is powering some of the most stunning graphics and visuals you’ve ever seen, and now is your chance to learn exactly how developers and other professionals are driving innovation in graphics at the GPU Technology Conference, starting April 12.

Register for free and check out GTC sessions that dive into the latest technologies for graphics and simulation. From real-time collaboration to real-time ray tracing, discover how experts and developers are using the latest tools and techniques in the graphics industry.

Here are five sessions you can’t miss: 

  1. The Making of Marbles RTX

    Get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into the making of our iconic, cinematic Marbles RTX playable mini-game with the original Marbles team.
  1. Autodesk VRED with NVIDIA CloudXR and Varjo XR3: Unparalleled XR Quality and Data Complexity 

    With multiple solutions working together, a beautifully detailed car comes to life in one of the most complex XR demos to date.
Image courtesy of Kohn Pederson Fox
  1. Beyond Collaboration: An Insight On How Omniverse Collaboration Can Enhance Design Buildings in AEC

    Kohn Pedersen Fox shares their experience with NVIDIA Omniverse and how these new workflows power the future of architectural design.
  1. Faster Approvals, Fewer Redesigns: NVIDIA CloudXR and AWS Supercharge The Getty’s Group Iterative Design Process

    CloudXR lets clients stream high-quality graphics from anywhere, so they can review designs easily and efficiently.
  1. Ray Tracing in One Weekend 

    Learn how to implement RTX features and capabilities into upcoming games.

Register for free on the GTC website and explore all the different graphics, design and simulation sessions in the catalog.

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