GTC 21: Top 5 Professional Visualization Sessions

This year at GTC we have several sessions for professional content creators looking to take advantage of the latest NVIDIA technology to enable the creation of beautiful worlds quicker and easier than ever before. Find out how to add life-like realism to your projects with new ray tracing features and faster real-time volumetric rendering and simulation. Also, learn how to collaborate with creators around the world seamlessly and effortlessly no matter what software you use. We have hundreds of sessions on graphics, simulation, and design to choose from. Registration is free.

These are the five graphics sessions you can’t miss: 

Image courtesy of Adobe Substance and Zhelongxu

What’s New in OptiX
Catch up with the latest additions to the OptiX SDK and learn tips and tricks on how best to implement them into your products.

NanoVDB: A GPU-Friendly and Portable VDB Data Structure for Real-Time Rendering and Simulation
Learn how NanoVDB accelerates real-time rendering and simulation of the most graphically intensive volumetric effects on NVIDIA GPUs.

An Overview of NVIDIA CloudXR
Learn all about NVIDIA CloudXR, a groundbreaking innovation for streaming VR and AR from any OpenVR application on a remote server to a client device. Get details on the architecture of the CloudXR software stack and explore the use cases.

Building Omniverse Kit Apps and Extensions
Learn how to leverage Omniverse Kit to build amazing applications and extensions.

Making a Connector for Omniverse
Learn how to connect with the Omniverse platform, send data to it, and establish a live sync session. There will also be a USD 101 overview to get you started.

Register for free and check out GTC sessions that dive into the latest technologies for graphics and simulation. A quick registration is required to view the GTC catalog with over 1,400 free sessions covering XR, graphics, simulation, design, and more.

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