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NVIDIA Omniverse Available for Early Access Customers

NVIDIA Omniverse, a computer graphics and simulation platform that enables artists to collaborate seamlessly in real time, is now available for early access customers in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) market.

Using Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and NVIDIA RTX technology, Omniverse allows multiple people to easily work with popular content creation applications and collaborate simultaneously. Omniverse benefits from the flexibility and consistency of the USD interchange format and builds upon it with synchronized workflows.

Omniverse also introduces a new type of visualization with Omniverse View, a module built for extreme scalability on arrays of NVIDIA RTX GPUs. View leverages RT Cores for ray tracing and Tensor Cores for AI denoising and scaling to provide high-quality, real-time output, even on highly complex 3D scenes.

The Omniverse platform’s latest “AEC Experience” provides seamless connectivity between CAD applications with real-time visualization, helping design teams enhance collaboration among geographically dispersed contributors to a project.

Through Omniverse’s AEC Experience, design firms can leverage a collection of tools to improve the conceptual design process. One of the key breakthroughs Omniverse achieves is the ability to move among Autodesk Revit, McNeel Rhino or Trimble SketchUp with just one click. This eliminates time consuming data translations and errors between software tools, which results in substantial time savings.

Learn more about NVIDIA Omniverse and the AEC Experience.

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