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Create Real-Time Simulations with NVIDIA Omniverse and Bentley LumenRT

LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse is the first engineering software application in the market built on NVIDIA Omniverse. The integration of NVIDIA Omniverse and the Bentley iTwin Platform enables real-time, immersive 3D and 4D experiences to enhance the visualization and simulation of infrastructure digital twins

The Bentley iTwin Platform is an open, scalable cloud platform for creating, visualizing, and analyzing digital twins of infrastructure assets. With the Bentley iTwin Platform powering LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse, users can create engineering-grade, industrial-scale visualizations with physically accurate lighting and environmental effects, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse physics and NVIDIA RTX technology. These visualizations can run on multiple devices and form factors—such as web browsers, workstations, tablets, and VR and AR headsets—from anywhere in the world. 

At NVIDIA GTC 2024, join Bentley Systems for a session on March 19 about how the recent integration Bentley LumenRT for Omniverse and Cesium for Omniverse is lowering the barrier to entry for geospatial workflows for digital twins.

Develop high-fidelity visualizations to produce interactive, real-time graphics 

Traditional visualization workflows can often be laborious and error-prone. Users must manually and frequently integrate updated versions of CAD and BIM files, which are coming from different sources, pipelines, and stakeholders. 

LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse resolves these challenges by linking directly to an infrastructure digital twin, which simplifies workflows and synchronizes change sets for rapid updates without manual processes. Additionally, the AI-assisted rendering capabilities enable users to visualize and apply enhanced lighting and environmental effects to all parts of the digital twin model, including assemblies and individual parts, for unprecedented detail and realism.

And with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise—a scalable, end-to-end platform that enables teams to build and operate metaverse applications—users can view high-fidelity renders of architectural models in real time. Design teams can instantly share ray-traced or path-traced renders to any device for clients to view. And geographically dispersed project teams can boost productivity and communication while collaborating on the same 3D digital model from anywhere.

“The power of LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse combined with the Bentley iTwin Platform will allow our project teams to effortlessly combine models from multiple design tools and instantly create high-fidelity, engineering-accurate visualizations that communicate the design intent of the project. These kinds of visualizations are critical to project communications,” said Lynton Sutton, managing director at Brigantium Engineering. 

“In the past, we relied on specialists devoting valuable time and effort toward creating these essential project deliverables,” Sutton added. “It was inefficient, but necessary. Now, with LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse, everyone on the project will be able to create compelling visualizations in less time and of higher quality than previously possible.”

Enhancing simulation of infrastructure digital twins

LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse helps users simplify visualization workflows even further by linking directly to a single infrastructure digital twin, enabling any changes that occur to be synchronized automatically. It also provides a model partitioning capability that enables better visual storytelling, as users can quickly and easily create visualizations of assemblies or individual parts of the model.

With automated material mapping, designers and engineers can quickly map materials so that it can be applied to entire models, significantly accelerating the development of visualization-ready models.

“The results being achieved by the early adopter users of LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse demonstrate a unique advantage for project teams working with infrastructure digital twins by providing powerful new digital twin-native workflows that make visualization advantageous to apply on projects of every scale,” said Lori Hufford, vice president of engineering collaboration at Bentley.

With NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise running on NVIDIA RTX, teams can create physically accurate simulations for complex 3D scenes like highways or water treatment plants. Additionally, designers and engineers can achieve seamless, interactive workflows by connecting leading 3D design applications. 

This enables users to more easily collaborate with stakeholders and clients, as they can share photorealistic scenes across teams and devices, accelerate design workflows, and reduce the number of review cycles—all while working from any location.

Learn more about how organizations are leveraging LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse powered by the Bentley iTwin Platform in the press release.

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