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AI / Deep Learning

Building Medical 3D Image Segmentation Using Jupyter Notebooks from the NGC Catalog

In this post, we show how you can use the Medical 3D Image Segmentation notebook to predict brain tumors in MRI images. 11 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Take a Deep Dive into Ray Tracing, Machine Learning and Neural Networks Through SIGGRAPH Frontiers

These pre-conference webinars are ongoing educational events that will take place through June 18, and feature several NVIDIA guest speakers. 2 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Antarctic Observatory Data, Ray Tracing Advance Astrophysics Research

Scientists are using ray tracing on NVIDIA GPUs to accelerate simulations of subatomic particles by hundreds of times. 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

MIT Researchers Use Deep Learning to Develop Real-Time 3D Holograms

Computer-generated holograms powered by deep learning could make real-time 3D holography feasible on laptops and smartphones. 3 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Dive into the Future of Graphics with NVIDIA Omniverse On-Demand Sessions

NVIDIA Omniverse is bringing the new standard in real-time graphics for developers. Check out some of the resources on the NVIDIA On-Demand catalog to learn… 2 MIN READ
Graphics / Simulation

Stream from the Cloud: NVIDIA CloudXR Release 2.0 Now Available

With NVIDIA CloudXR, users don’t need to be physically tethered to a high-performance computer to drive rich, immersive environments. 3 MIN READ