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NVIDIA Announces Nsight Graphics 2021.1

Nsight Graphics 2021.1 is available to download.

We now provide you with the ability to set any key to be the capture shortcut. This new keybinding is supported for all activities, including GPU Trace. F11 is the default binding for both capture and trace, but if you prefer the old behavior, the original capture keybinding is still supported (when the ‘Frame Capture (Target) > Legacy Capture Chord’ setting is set to Yes).

You can now profile applications which use D3D12 or Vulkan strictly for compute tasks using the new ‘One-shot’ option in GPU Trace. Tools that generate normal maps or use DirectML for image upscaling can now be properly profiled and optimized.  To enable this, set the ‘Capture Type’ to ‘One-shot [Beta]’

While TraceRays/DispatchRays has been the common way to initiate ray generation, it’s now possible to ray trace directly from your compute shaders using DXR1.1 and the new Khronos Vulkan Ray Tracing extension. In order to support this new approach, we’ve added links to the acceleration structure data for applications that use RayQuery calls in compute shaders.  

It’s important to know how much GPU Memory you’re using and to keep this as low as possible in Ray Tracing applications. We’re now making this even easier for you by adding size information to the Acceleration Structure Viewer.

Finally, we’ve added the Nsight HUD to Windows Vulkan applications in all frame debugging capture states. Previously the HUD was only activated once an application was captured.

We’re always looking to improve our HUD so please make sure to give us any feedback you might have.

For more details on Nsight Graphics 2021.1, check out the release notes (link).

We want to hear from you! Please continue to use the integrated feedback button that lets you send comments, feature requests, and bugs directly to us with the click of a button. You can send feedback anonymously or provide an email so we can follow up with you about your feedback. Just click on the little speech bubble at the top right of the window.

Try out the latest version of Nsight Graphics today!

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