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NVIDIA Announces cuQuantum Beta Availability, Record Quantum Benchmark, and Quantum Container

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Quantum computing (QC) will drive a new wave of advances across a myriad of industries and domains. Simulating quantum circuits on the current class of computers is imperative to technology evolving to the next level of quantum computing in the future. 

NVIDIA cuQuantum is an SDK of optimized libraries and tools for accelerating quantum computing workflows. Developers can use cuQuantum while creating and verifying new algorithms more easily and reliably. This speeds up quantum circuit simulations by orders of magnitude, for both state vector and tensor network methods. cuQuantum enables developers to simulate bigger problems, faster.  

Scientists, developers, and researchers will be excited to hear that the NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK is now ready for public beta. It is integrated with leading quantum computing frameworks, and the download is free. 

Key benefits of cuQuantum SDK

  • Flexible: Choose the best approach for your work, from multiple proven methods.
  • Scalable: Leverage the power of multinode, multi-GPU clusters, on-premise or cloud.
  • Fast: Simulate bigger problems faster, and get more work done sooner.

Record setting performance 

The cuQuantum SDK will become the foundational element across quantum circuit simulations. Early benchmarks indicate that cuQuantum can deliver orders of magnitude speed-ups for quantum researchers, including world-class performance on multiple quantum algorithms.

  • New record benchmark for the MaxCut Optimization Problem—a 16x improvement
    • 3375 vertices on an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, a huge jump over the previous largest simulation
  • Check out our website for example benchmarks for State Vector and Tensor Network methods
  • Also, speed-ups for key industry problems, including:
    • Sycamore Supremacy Circuit – speed-up from 8 mins down to 7 secs
    • Quantum Fourier Transform – accelerated from 29 mins down to 19 secs
    • Shor’s Algorithm – streamlined from 22 mins down to 26 secs

NVIDIA cuQuantum appliance – containerized software  

To help users get ramped up quickly with their quantum development, NVIDIA is packaging up a prevalidated software container optimized to run on our state-of-the art GPUs via the cuQuantum Appliance. 

This container will include: 

  • Google Cirq framework and gsim simulator 
  • NVIDIA cuQuantum and HPC SDK software 

The cuQuantum Appliance container will be available off of NGC in early 2022, and will be validated across example problems, including Shor’s algorithm, the variational quantum eigensolver, and random quantum circuits.

Get started

The cuQuantum public beta software is available to download for free now. The containerized solution for the cuQuantum Appliance will be available in early 2022.

Learn more at GTC

You can learn more about NVIDIA cuQuantum and other advances by visiting our website, and checking out our NVIDIA GTC sessions and posts. At GTC there will be a variety of coverage, including mention in Jensen’s keynote, focused sessions on how to use the SDK and its libraries, press, blogs, and more. 

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