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NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK Introduces Quantum Circuit Simulation Acceleration

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Quantum computing has the potential to offer giant leaps in computational capabilities. Until it becomes a reality, scientists, developers, and researchers are simulating quantum circuits on classical computers. 

NVIDIA cuQuantum is an SDK of optimized libraries and tools for accelerating quantum computing workflows. Developers can use cuQuantum to speed up quantum circuit simulations based on state vector, density matrix, and tensor network methods by orders of magnitude. 

The research community – including  academia, laboratories, and private industry – are all using simulators to help design and verify algorithms to run on quantum computers. These simulators capture the properties of superposition and entanglement and are built on quantum circuit simulation frameworks including Qiskit, Cirq, ProjectQ, Q#, etc. 

We showcase accelerated quantum circuit simulation results based on industry estimations, extrapolations, and benchmarks on real-world computers like ORNL’s Summit, and NVIDIA’s Selene, and reference collaborations with numerous industry partners.  

“Using the Cotengra/Quimb packages, NVIDIA’s new cuQUANTUM SDK, and the Selene supercomputer, we’ve generated a sample of the Sycamore quantum circuit at depth=20 in record time (less than 10 minutes). This sets the benchmark for quantum circuit simulation performance and will help advance the field of quantum computing by improving our ability to verify the behavior of quantum circuits.”

Johnnie Gray, Research Scientist, Caltech
Garnet Chan, Bren Professor of Chemistry, Caltech

Learn more about cuQuantum, our latest benchmark results, and apply for early interest today here.  

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