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NVIDIA Announces cuQuantum Beta Availability, Record Quantum Benchmark, and Quantum Container

Quantum computing (QC) will drive a new wave of advances across a myriad of industries and domains. Simulating quantum circuits on the current class of... 3 MIN READ
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NVIDIA cuQuantum SDK Introduces Quantum Circuit Simulation Acceleration

Quantum computing has the potential to offer giant leaps in computational capabilities. Until it becomes a reality, scientists, developers, and researchers are... 2 MIN READ
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Leveraging OpenACC to Compute High-Accuracy Molecular Energies

For this interview, I reached out to Janus Juul Eriksen, a Ph.D. fellow at Aarhus University in Denmark. Janus is a chemist by trade without any formal... 9 MIN READ
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CUDA Spotlight: GPU-Accelerated Quantum Chemistry

This week's Spotlight is on Professor Todd Martínez of Stanford. Professor Martínez’ research lies in the area of theoretical chemistry, emphasizing the... 6 MIN READ