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New Video: Light Resampling In Practice with RTXDI

In this video, NVIDIA’s Alexey Panteleev explains the key details needed to add performant resampling to modern game engines. He also discusses roadmap plans for the recently announced RTXDI SDK, which allows easy experimentation and integration of direct illumination. 

With RTXDI, lighting artists can render scenes with millions of dynamic area lights in real-time without complex computational overheads or disruptive changes to the artist’s workflow. “RTXDI will let game developers use any meshes or primitive lights as key lights, which can cast dynamic raytraced shadows,” said Panteleev. 

This is a segment from a two-part video available on GTC on Demand, entitled “Rendering Game With Millions of Ray Traced Lights”. We encourage you to check out the remainder of the talk, in which NVIDIA’s Chris Wyman explains why now is the time to move from rasterization techniques to real-time ray tracing for game development. 

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