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New Video: Rendering Games With Millions of Ray Traced Lights

In this video, NVIDIA’s Chris Wyman provides an overview on reservoir spatiotemporal importance resampling (ReSTIR). This algorithm makes it possible to effectively sample from millions of area lights with just a few rays per pixel and produce results that can be easily denoised.

He also explains why now is the right time for game developers to move on from traditional lighting techniques to real-time ray tracing. The incredible visuals on display in the Marbles at Night demo show what’s possible with real-time ray tracing today. “If there’s one thing you take from this talk, I hope it is that ray tracing enables new lighting that exceeds the limits imposed by rasterization,” says Wyman.

This is a segment from a two-part video available on NVIDIA On-Demand, entitled “Rendering Game With Millions of Ray Traced Lights”. We encourage you to check out the remainder of the talk, in which NVIDIA’s Alexey Panteleev describes light resampling in practice, and details the roadmap for RTXDI, our new direct illumination SDK. 

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