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Game Stack Live to Feature RTXDI and Minecraft Graphics Sessions (April 20-21)

This year, Microsoft’s free Game Stack Live event (April 20-21), starting at 8am PDT, will offer a wide range of can’t-miss sessions for game developers, in categories that include Graphics, System & Tools, Production & Publishing, Accessibility & Inclusion, Audio, Multiplayer, and Community Connections. 

NVIDIA will be participating with two talks:

Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing with Minecraft

This talk is aimed at graphics engineers that have little or no experience with ray tracing. It serves as a gentle introduction to many topics, including “What is ray tracing?”, “How many rays do you need to make an image?”, “The importance of [importance] sampling. (And more importantly, what is importance sampling?)”, “Denoising”, “The problem with small bright things”. Along the way, you will learn about specific implementation details from Minecraft.

RTXDI: Details on Achieving Real-time Performance

RTXDI offers realistic lighting of dynamic scenes that require computing shadows from millions of area lights. Until now, this has not been possible in video games. Traditionally, game developers have baked most lighting and supported a small number of “hero” lights that are computed at runtime. This talk gives an overview of RTXDI and offers a deep dive into previously undisclosed details that enable high performance.

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We hope you’ll join us!

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