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Essential Ray Tracing SDKs for Game and Professional Development

Game and professional visualization developers need the best tools to create the best games and real-time interactive content. 

To help them achieve this goal, NVIDIA has pioneered real-time ray tracing hardware with the launch of the RTX 20 series.

Today, we continue to develop and expand powerful tools for developers by creating SDKs that run on RTX GPUs.

The following NVIDIA technologies will provide developers optimal real time ray tracing within their workflows:

RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI)

RTXDI offers realistic lighting and shadows of dynamic scenes involving millions of lights which, until now, would have been prohibitively expensive for real-time applications. Traditionally, most lighting is baked offline, computing just a handful of “hero” dynamic lights at runtime. RTXDI pushes past those limits and allows developers to elevate the visual fidelity in their games.

RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI)

RTXGI provides developers with a scalable solution for multi-bounce indirect lighting without light leakage, time-intensive offline lightmap baking, or expensive per-frame costs. RTXGI’s dynamic, real-time global illumination is not only beautiful in action, but it streamlines the content creation process by removing barriers that previously prevented artists from rapidly iterating. With a low performance cost and massive productivity gains, RTXGI is an ideal starting point to bring the benefits of ray tracing to your content.

NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers (NRD)

Get the optimal real-time ray tracing performance with NRD, a library of spatial and spatio-temporal API-agnostic denoisers. From the beginning, NRD was specifically designed to work well with low ray budgets. With NRD, developers can create visuals that rival ground-truth images with as little as a half of a ray cast per pixel.

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