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Inception Spotlight: DataVisiooh Uses AI to Measure Outdoor Advertising in Real-Time

To measure the impact of outdoor advertising, Brazil-based DataVisiooh, a member of NVIDIA Inception, developed an AI solution to capture performance analytics in real-time. 

“Our platform goes beyond simply counting the flow of people and vehicles and shows advanced data such as demographic information (gender, age group), screen viewing time, exposure time, and even how many people looked at the screen.” the company said. 

The company’s platform uses NVIDIA Jetson modules with TensorFlow and TensorRT to process the various cameras and sensors at the edge. 

DataVisiooh says their system will help support marketing agencies and companies with campaign performance verification and media planning. 

“Our real-time performance data and dashboards, collected continuously via sensors and processed by our proprietary algorithms, are the most up-to-date on the market,” the company said. 

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