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Upcoming Webinar : VPI and Pytorch Interoperability Demo

Join this webinar on June 14 and learn how to program computer vision algorithms using VPI's Python interface. < 1
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Capture 6x Better Temporal Resolution Cardiac Imaging at any Heart Rate with Fujifilm Healthcare Cardio StillShot 

Using NVIDIA GPUs, Fujifilm Healthcare developed Cardio StillShot to capture cardiac imaging at any heart rate, with 6x better temporal resolution of cardiac CT images. 5 MIN READ
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Metropolis Spotlight: MarshallAI Optimizes Traffic Management while Reducing Carbon Emissions

MarshallAI is using NVIDIA GPU accelerated technologies to help cities improve their traffic management, reduce carbon emissions, and save drivers time. 4 MIN READ
High quality instance segmentation done fast and efficiently with DiscoBox.
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Segment Objects without Masks and Reduce Annotation Effort Using the DiscoBox DL Framework

Discobox is a weakly supervised learning algorithm to identify objects without costly mask annotations during training. 5 MIN READ
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Guide to Computer Vision: Why It Matters and How It Helps Solve Problems

This post unpacks the term computer vision. It answers how it works, explores common tasks and use cases, and invites you to get started. 8 MIN READ
A picture of a finger with a half milimeter metasurface next to a blown-up version of the metasurface showing the optical cylinders spread out in a circular pattern.
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Researchers Create a Camera the Size of a Salt Grain Using Neural Nano-Optics

The groundbreaking technology uses an optical metasurface and machine-learning algorithms to produce high-quality color images with a wide field of view. 4 MIN READ