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Inception Spotlight: Deepset collaborates with NVIDIA and AWS on BERT Optimization

Deepset bridges the gap between NLP research and industry – their core product, Haystack, is an open-source framework that enables developers to utilize the… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Inception Spotlight: DarwinAI Achieves 96% Screening Accuracy for COVID-19 with Diverse CT Dataset

The model, COVID-Net CT-2, was built using a number of large and diverse datasets created over several months with the University of Waterloo and is publicly… 2 MIN READ
AI / Deep Learning

Inception Spotlight: DataVisiooh Uses AI to Measure Outdoor Advertising in Real-Time

To measure the impact of outdoor advertising, Brazil-based DataVisiooh, a member of NVIDIA Inception, developed an AI solution to capture performance analytics… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Inception Spotlight: Watch Deepgram Transcribe 10 Hours of Audio in Just 40 Seconds using GPUs

Deepgram, a company developing automatic speech recognition (ASR) deep learning models, recently published a new demo that highlights the speed and scalability… < 1
AI / Deep Learning

Inception Member wrnch and ProPlayAI Unveil New AI Biomechanics App for Baseball

To help aspiring baseball players analyze and improve their technique, NVIDIA Inception member wrnch, in collaboration with ProPlayAI, developed a GPU-powered… 2 MIN READ

Inception Spotlight: Synvivia Developing a Protein Switch for COVID-19

Synthetic biology startup Synvivia showcased protein switches being developed to control engineered organisms and aid in drug discovery for COVID-19. 2 MIN READ