This product is no longer in active development and will not receive any further updates. The version below is the final release of this product. Please refer to NVIDIA Nsight Visual Studio Edition for your shader debugging/profiling/authoring needs.

Modern shaders are growing in complexity, making them harder to understand and debug. To help developers address this problem, NVIDIA offers a full-featured pixel shader debugger that allows shaders to be debugged just like CPU code. The NVIDIA Shader Debugger is a plug-in for FX Composer 2.5 available completely free for all users.

Download NVIDIA Shader Debugger!
Shader Debugger 2.51 + FX Composer 2.51 Bundle

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The NVIDIA Shader Debugger is a plug-in for FX Composer 2.5 that supports debugging of pixel shaders in the following shading languages:

  • Microsoft DirectX 10 HLSL
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 HLSL
  • CgFX



NVIDIA Shader Debugger offers the following features:

  • Cross-Language, Cross-API Support
    • Microsoft DirectX 9 & 10 (HLSL)
    • OpenGL (CgFX & COLLADA FX Cg)
  • Debugging Control
    • Single Step
    • Examine control flow for a single pixel
    • Run to Cursor
    • Run to Bookmark
    • Debugging of multiple shaders concurrently
  • Variable Inspection
    • View Globals, Parameters, and Local Variables
    • Search
    • Technique, Pass, and Function selection
    • Watch Expressions
    • Automatic variable selection
  • Visual Debugging
    • Multiple Pixel Debugging
    • Value Visualization (Map variables to colors)
    • Conditional Pixel Kill
    • Non-Peer Pixel Kill

Recommended System Specifications

  • Platform: Windows XP/Vista
  • GeForce 6 Series equivalent or better GPU
  • 2+ GHz Dual-Core Processor
  • 2 GB System Memory
  • Requires FX Composer 2.5, which is bundled with the Shader Debugger download
  • 360 MB free disk space (installer includes FX Composer 2.5)

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