Which version of Aftermath should I use?

Over the last few years Aftermath has evolved into Nsight Aftermath and now the new Nsight Aftermath SDK. Through this evolution, we’ve made number of great improvements. Initially provided as a library that was integrated into your application and you programmatically retrieved information, Aftermath can now generate GPU mini-dump files for deeper offline analysis. This latest version includes the ability to integrate our SDK into your application and receive a callback when a GPU exception occurs, allowing you to control how the crash dump information is preserved, including pushing it to a cloud instance for tracking of customer issues “in the wild”.’

If you have the original Aftermath library (version 1.x), we recommend upgrading as soon as possible. If you used the library that was packaged with Nsight Graphics (version 2019.1.0 or 2019.1.1), you’re missing out on some great improvements that are now available with the new SDK. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version and update to the latest driver to get the most out of Aftermath.

If you have any questions about the version you’re using or wish to report a bug, feel free to use the Feedback Button (talk bubble at the top right of the window) or email us directly at NsightAftermath@nvidia.com.

Nsight Aftermath Versions

  • 2024.1.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2024/03/19 (current version)
  • 2023.3.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2023/11/30
  • 2023.2.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2023/08/08
  • 2023.1.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2023/03/24
  • 2022.2.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2022/06/15
  • 2022.1.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2022/03/24
  • 2021.1.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2021/04/15
  • 2020.2.1  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2020/09/17
  • 2020.1.0  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2020/03/23
  • 2019.1.2  Nsight Aftermath SDK - 2019/12/17
  • 2019.1.1   Nsight Aftermath SDK (Limited Beta - 2019/11/19)
  • 2019.1.0   Nsight Aftermath SDK (Limited Beta - 2019/10/01)
  • 2.3            Nsight Aftermath Library (Included with Nsight Graphics 2019.3)
  • 2.2            Nsight Aftermath Library (Included with Nsight Graphics 2019.2)
  • 1.3            Nsight Aftermath Library - 2017/10/10

For an overview of Nsight™ Aftermath and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Aftermath page.