NVIDIA® Nsight™ Aftermath 2022.1.0 - Release Notes and Known Issues

Feature Enhancements:
  • There is a new function call, GFSDK_Aftermath_GetCrashDumpStatus, to improve the visibility of the crash dump creation process. In the past, the expectation was to have the application wait for a couple of seconds after the lost device notification to allow Aftermath ample time to construct the crash dump. This function can be polled until the status is GFSDK_Aftermath_CrashDump_Status_Finished, clearly indicating that everything completed successfully.
  • The user now has the ability to manage the data associated with the marker payload. The original implementation required the Aftermath library to copy the payload data, introducing memory and CPU overhead, or store the payload data in a separate file, making it unavailable to the GUI in Nsight Graphics. The user can now provide a callback to resolve the payload data when a GPU exception occurs, postponing any work until it is written to the crash dump file.
  • The shader hash calculation functions were simplified from two (one for the shader binary, one for the shader instructions) to one. This should make the decoding API easier to use.
Additional Changes:
  • Some of the features of the original Aftermath 1.x API have been deprecated. Consult the header files for details.
  • Implemented bug fixes
Known Issues:
  • Aftermath is only supported on NVIDIA Pascal architecture GPUs and newer as the amount of information available for older GPU architectures is limited.
  • The use of Aftermath D3D event markers or Vulkan diagnostic checkpoints introduces CPU overhead. Because of this, the marker calls are ignored if the Nsight Aftermath Monitor application is not running. We are working to improve the performance of the markers to enable them in other situations.
  • [D3D] The full Aftermath feature set is only supported for D3D12.
  • [D3D] The deprecated GFSDK_Aftermath_DX12_RegisterResource function causes a memory leak.
  • [D3D] GFSDK_Aftermath_PageFaultInformation function sometimes returns an incorrect pAppResource pointer.
  • [D3D] Shader debug information for legacy DXBC shaders is unsupported.

For an overview of Nsight™ Aftermath and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Aftermath page.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Aftermath 2022.1 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.
Note that documentation is included in this download.