NVIDIA DriveWorks 4.0 Now Available

NVIDIA DriveWorks 4.0 SDK is now available on the NVIDIA DRIVE Developer Download page, providing you with the latest middleware and development environment purpose-built for autonomous vehicles.

NVIDIA DriveWorks provides middleware functions on top of NVIDIA DRIVE OS that are fundamental to autonomous vehicle development. These consist of the sensor abstraction layer (SAL) and sensor plugins, data recorder, vehicle I/O support, and a deep neural network (DNN) framework. It’s modular, open, and designed to be compliant with automotive industry software standards.

With this latest release, you can leverage even more sensors for flexible, scalable self-driving solutions. Additionally, new recorder tools streamline data capture for straightforward autonomous vehicle sensor calibration.

Access to DriveWorks 4.0 requires an NVIDIA Developer Account and membership in the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX SDK Developer Program

New Features and Functionality

You can install the latest version of NVIDIA DriveWorks on the DRIVE Developer Download page.

NVIDIA DriveWorks 4.0 features include: 

  • Sensor Abstraction Layer support for the following sensors:
    • Hesai P128 Lidar
    • Novatel PwrPak7-E1 SPAN GNSS + IMU module
    • U-blox ZED-F9K GNSS module 
  • Static Calibration Recorder Tool to simplify data capture for AV sensor calibration

Before downloading, register for an NVIDIA Developer account and apply for membership in the Developer Program. Submit questions or feedback to the DRIVE AGX General Forum.

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