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Join the First NVIDIA LLM Developer Day: Elevate Your App-Building Skills

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NVIDIA LLM Developer Day is a virtual event providing hands-on guidance for developers exploring and building LLM-based applications and services. You can gain an understanding ‌of key technologies, their pros and cons, and explore example applications. The sessions also cover how to create, customize, and deploy applications using managed APIs, self-managed LLMs, and Retrieval Augmented Generation.

The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute is hosting the event and sessions on November 17, starting at 8 a.m. PT (5 p.m. CEST). Participation is free of charge.

Learn about key LLM techniques, tools, and resources 

As the generative AI technology ecosystem explodes, offering a myriad of choices across different levels of the stack, navigating where to begin is challenging. 

The sessions at LLM Developer Day are designed to help developers evaluate the starting point for their use case, while providing resources and tools to begin.

Session highlights include:

  • The Fast Path to Developing with LLMs: Explore practical techniques for deploying LLM-powered systems using popular APIs. 
  • Tailoring LLMs to Your Use Case: Learn how to push the limits of off-the-shelf models and APIs by customizing your models for domain-specific applications. 
  • Running Your Own LLM: Discover how to leverage open, commercially licensed LLMs running on commonly available hardware and optimizers for lower-latency and higher-throughput inference, reducing compute needs.
  • Live Q&A: Connect with NVIDIA experts and get your questions answered. 

Attend LLM Developer Day

Save the date, spread the word, and join us on November 17 as we unveil new tools and technologies, and share insights to help you lead the AI wave.

As an event participant, you will also receive a special discount for continuing your learning journey through the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. Check out our LLM Training paths, with instructor-led hands-on workshops, and earn a certificate upon successful completion of your training.

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