Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth Sharma is a Senior Technical Marketing Manager for Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. Before joining NVIDIA, Siddharth was a product marketing manager for Simulink and Stateflow at Mathworks, working closely with automotive and aerospace companies to adopt model-based designs for creating control software.
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Composite image of computational AI designs.
Data Science

SDKs Accelerating Industry 5.0, Data Pipelines, Computational Science, and More Featured at NVIDIA GTC 2023

At NVIDIA GTC 2023, NVIDIA unveiled notable updates to its suite of NVIDIA AI software for developers to accelerate computing. The updates reduce costs in... 10 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

Explainer: What Is Conversational AI?

Real-time natural language understanding will transform how we interact with intelligent machines and applications. 1 MIN READ
Data Center / Cloud

New SDKs Accelerating AI Research, Computer Vision, Data Science, and More

NVIDIA revealed major updates to its suite of AI software for developers including JAX, NVIDIA CV-CUDA, and NVIDIA RAPIDS. To learn about the latest SDK... 7 MIN READ
Graphical representation of automatic speech recognition for transcription, controllable text-to-speech, and natural language processing in a chatbot.
Conversational AI / NLP

Build Speech AI in Multiple Languages and Train Large Language Models with the Latest from Riva and NeMo Framework

Major updates to Riva, an SDK for building speech AI applications, and a paid Riva Enterprise offering were announced at NVIDIA GTC 2022 last week. Several key... 3 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

Major Updates to NVIDIA AI Software Advancing Speech, Recommenders, Inference, and More Announced at NVIDIA GTC 2022

At GTC 2022, NVIDIA announced major updates to its suite of NVIDIA AI software, for developers to build real-time speech AI applications, create high-performing... 5 MIN READ
Conversational AI / NLP

ICYMI: New AI Tools and Technologies Announced at NVIDIA GTC Keynote

At NVIDIA GTC this November, new software tools were announced that help developers build real-time speech applications, optimize inference for a variety of... 5 MIN READ