Pranjali Joshi

Pranjali Joshi is product marketing manager at NVIDIA focused on deep learning pretrained models. In her past, she has worked in the technology industry for cloud based startups and global companies like Hitachi Vantara and Accenture, within marketing and software development. She is a recent graduate from University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business and also holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electronics.
Pranjali Joshi

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An illustration of LLM use cases.
Generative AI

Join the First NVIDIA LLM Developer Day: Elevate Your App-Building Skills

NVIDIA LLM Developer Day is a virtual event providing hands-on guidance for developers exploring and building LLM-based applications and services. You can gain... 2 MIN READ
Conversational AI

AI Models Recap: Scalable Pretrained Models Across Industries

The year 2022 has thus far been a momentous, thrilling, and an overwhelming year for AI aficionados. Get3D is pushing the boundaries of generative 3D modeling,... 7 MIN READ
Conversational AI

Building an Automatic Speech Recognition Model for the Kinyarwanda Language

Speech recognition technology is growing in popularity for voice assistants and robotics, for solving real-world problems through assisted healthcare or... 6 MIN READ