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Register for GTC 2014 Now and Save 40%!

It's that time of year again! Here at NVIDIA, we're hard at work getting ready for the 2014 GPU Technology Conference, the world’s most important GPU developer… 3 MIN READ
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The New Parallel Forall

We’re launching a new, improved Parallel Forall blog, with a great new design and lots of great new features and content. 3 MIN READ
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Join Me and Other NVIDIA Experts at the GPU Technology Conference

NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2013, scheduled for March 18-21, is the premier event for accelerated computing. This will be the fourth GTC and it… 2 MIN READ
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Welcome Back, Parallel Forall!

Well, that was embarrassing. Ever since NVIDIA Developer Zone was compromised by hackers in July, most of the DevZone content has been offline while NVIDIA' 2 MIN READ
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My Favorites from GTC 2012

I had a great time at GTC 2012; there was incredible energy and excitement from everyone I talked to. I think the energy level had a lot to do with all of the… 5 MIN READ
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In the Trenches at GTC: Faster Finite Elements for Wave Propagation

By Kenneth A. Lloyd (GTC 2012 Guest Blogger) Geophysical wave propagation is really interesting because you can't actually see the phenomenon, and you can only… 2 MIN READ