Robot arms working
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Upcoming Workshop: Computer Vision for Industrial Inspection

Learn how to create an end-to-end hardware-accelerated industrial inspection pipeline to automate defect detection in this workshop on January 18 (CET). < 1
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New Courses for Building Metaverse Tools on NVIDIA Omniverse

The Metaverse is providing new opportunities for everyone—for artists building content across multiple 3D tools, for developers building AI trained in... 6 MIN READ
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Upcoming Workshop: Applications of AI for Anomaly Detection

Learn to detect data abnormalities before they impact your business by using XGBoost, autoencoders, and GANs. Workshops are available in both the NALA and EMEA... < 1
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Upcoming Workshop: Model Parallelism: Building and Deploying Large Neural Networks (EMEA)

Learn how to train the largest of deep neural networks and deploy them to production. < 1
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Free DLI Mini Self-Paced Course: Assemble a Simple Robot in NVIDIA Isaac Sim

This self-paced, free tutorial provides a basic understanding of the NVIDIA Isaac Sim interface and the documentation needed to begin robot simulation projects. < 1
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Upcoming Workshop: Fundamentals of Accelerated Computing with CUDA C/C++

Learn tools and techniques for accelerating C/C++ applications to run on massively parallel GPUs with CUDA. < 1