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GTC Digital Demo: NVIDIA Clara Deploy Application Framework Powers Smart Hospitals

Hospitals are moving to edge solutions for real-time processing and to maintain patient data privacy. This comes at a time when hundreds of AI algorithms are being deployed in smart hospitals for imaging, genomics, and video batch processing.

In this new demo released at GTC Digital 2020, we’ll highlight the latest features of the NVIDIA Clara Deploy Application Framework.

Clara Deploy enables best practices for cloud-native software development and helps significantly reduce technical debt and development time.

In the demo, you can see how developers can use Clara Deploy to build their applications and solutions on a common foundation—making production seamless for IT and DevOps.

The team also highlights a key feature for multi-AI processing. The new feature is now shipping with NVIDIA Clara Deploy and allows users to develop more complicated workflows involving multiple AI models for deployment in a single pipeline.

The team also highlights priority queuing and scheduling capabilities that prioritize the most critical jobs, guaranteeing quality of service.

Watch the demo>>

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