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Ask Me Anything Series: NVIDIA Experts Answer Your Questions Live

You’re invited to connect with NVIDIA experts through a new exclusive series of Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions. During these live Q&As, members of the NVIDIA Developer Program can submit questions to our experts, brainstorm about common challenges that developers are facing, and engage in online discussions about NVIDIA technologies. The series will also provide guidance on integrating NVIDIA SDKs.

The AMA series kicks off on July 28 at 10:00 AM, Pacific time. Attendees can get tips on incorporating real-time rendering across their projects from the editors of Ray Tracing Gems II:

Adam Marrs is a principal engineer in the Game Engines and Core Technology
group at NVIDIA. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science and has shipped graphics
code in various AAA games and commercial game engines. He has written for GPU
Zen 2
, Ray Tracing Gems, and recently served as the editor-in-chief of Ray Tracing Gems II.

Peter Shirley is a distinguished engineer in the Research group at NVIDIA. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science and has worked in academics, startup companies, and industry. He is the author of several books, including the recent Ray Tracing in One Weekend series.

Ingo Wald is a director of ray tracing at NVIDIA. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science, has a long history of research related to ray tracing in both academia and industry, and is known for authoring and co-authoring various papers and open-source software projects on rendering, visualization, and data structures.

Eric Haines currently works at NVIDIA on interactive ray tracing. He co-authored the books Real-Time Rendering, 4th Edition and An Introduction to Ray Tracing. He edited The Ray Tracing News, and co-founded the Journal of Graphics Tools and the Journal of Computer Graphics Techniques. Most recently, he co-edited Ray Tracing Gems.

Ask Me Anything with the editors of Ray Tracing Gems II on July 28, 2022.

Each of these exclusive Q&A sessions will offer the developer community a chance to get answers from experts in real time, along with a forum for collaboration after the event.

To participate, you must be a member of the NVIDIA Developer Program. Sign up if you’re not already a member. Post questions to the dedicated online forum before the event and during the 60-minute live session. 

Mark your calendars for the second AMA in the series scheduled for October 26, 2022. We’ll dive into best practices for building, training, and deploying recommender systems.

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