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Diego Farinha works in developer marketing at NVIDIA. Diego is currently majoring in economics at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Diego Farinha

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Rich image of a carnival at night, with the NVIDIA logo as a pond sculpture in the foreground.
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Event: NVIDIA at GDC 2024

Join us at the Game Developers Conference March 18-22 to discover how the latest generative AI and NVIDIA RTX technologies are accelerating game development. 1 MIN READ
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Webinar: State of Ray Tracing and NvRTX 5.3

Get up to speed on the current state of ray tracing in the NVIDIA RTX Branch of Unreal Engine and what’s coming next. 1 MIN READ
Decorative image of lights at night.
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Webinar: Next-Gen Lighting with NVIDIA NvRTX

Learn how game developers can add leading-edge NVIDIA RTX technologies to Unreal Engine with custom branches. 1 MIN READ
The interior of an empty office building with shadows.
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Webinar: NVIDIA RTX Caustics Branch of Unreal Engine

Explore how ray-traced caustics combined with NVIDIA RTX features can enhance the performance of your games. 1 MIN READ
A rendering of a bamboo front porch.
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Webinar: NVIDIA DLSS 3 and Unreal Engine 5.2

On July 26, walkthrough DLSS 3 features within Unreal Engine 5.2 and learn how to best use the latest updates. 1 MIN READ
An indoor living room scene showing a rough digital sketch of a sofa, kids toys and blanket fort.
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Upcoming Event: Level Up with NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and Optimize Your Game

Learn how to use the latest NVIDIA RTX technology in NVIDIA Nsight Graphics and get your questions answered in a live Q&A session with experts. 1 MIN READ