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Top 5 Ray Tracing Sessions for Graphics Developers from GTC 21

Engineers, product developers and designers around the world attended GTC to experience the latest NVIDIA solutions that are accelerating interactive rendering and simulation workflows in real time.

We showcased a wide variety of NVIDIA-powered ray tracing technologies and features that provide more realistic visualizations for artists and designers worldwide. Industry luminaries joined us at GTC to introduce the fundamentals of real-time ray tracing and how current developers such as Autodesk, Dassault, Chaos and ESI have integrated ray traced technologies into their most popular applications.

All of these GTC sessions are now available through NVIDIA On-Demand, so learn more about ray tracing and catch up on the latest advancements in professional content creation, from real-time ray traced shadows to real-time denoising.

The developer resources listed below are exclusively available to NVIDIA Developer Program members. Join today for free to get access to the tools and training necessary to build on NVIDIA’s technology platform here.

On-Demand Sessions

Ray Tracing in One Weekend
Pete Shirley gets you started on the fundamentals of ray tracing.

Incorporating Real-Time Ray Tracing in Autodesk’s Next-Generation Viewport System
Learn how Autodesk radically improves the quality and performance of their viewport experience by leveraging DXR and Vulkan Ray Tracing.

Real-Time Ray-Traced Effects for CAD: A Developer Story
Hear from Dassault Systèmes on how real-time ray traced shadows enhances the design review workflow for CATIA CAD users.

From Production Rendering with V-Ray GPU to Real-Time Ray Tracing with Chaos Vantage
Get an exclusive peek on the latest advancements in V-Ray and Chaos Vantage.

Not Just for Games: Applying NVIDIA Real-Time Denoisers in Advanced Immersive Virtual Prototyping
See how ESI group is computing physically correct, high-quality ambient occlusion and soft shadows for the most complex CAD models.

Check out all the ray tracing sessions from GTC, now available for free on NVIDIA On-Demand.

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