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App Frameworks and SDKs


NVIDIA Aerial™ is a suite of accelerated computing platforms, software, and services for designing, simulating, and operating wireless networks. Aerial contains hardened RAN software libraries for telcos, cloud service providers (CSPs), and enterprises building commercial 5G networks. Academic and industry researchers can access a software-defined wireless and AI research environment to enable the evolution of 6G technology.

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NVIDIA Morpheus is an open application framework that enables cybersecurity developers to create optimized AI pipelines for filtering, processing and classifying large volumes of real-time data. Morpheus can send and receive telemetry data directly from the BlueField DPU, allowing continuous, real-time, and variable feedback that can affect policies, rewrite rules, adjust sensing, and other actions.

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Computer Vision

NVIDIA Metropolis is an application framework that simplifies the development, deployment and scale of AI-enabled video analytics applications from edge to cloud. It includes production-ready pre-trained models and Transfer Learning Toolkits for training and optimization, DeepStream SDK for streaming analytics, other deployment SDKs, CUDA-X libraries and the NVIDIA EGX platform.

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The NVIDIA CloudXR™ SDK enables streaming of graphics-intensive augmented reality, virtual reality, or mixed reality content—often called extended reality (XR)—over a radio signal (5G or Wi-Fi) to one or more devices. The SDK also enables streaming of Open VR applications to a number of 5G-connected Android devices.

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Robotics and Automation

With the NVIDIA Isaac SDK™, you can build and deploy commercial-grade, AI-powered robots. The toolkit includes building blocks and tools that accelerate robot developments that require the increased perception, navigation, and manipulation features enabled by AI.


Video Conferencing

NVIDIA Maxine™ is a GPU-accelerated SDK with state-of-the-art AI features for developers to build virtual collaboration and content creation applications such as video conferencing and live streaming.

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Conversational AI

NVIDIA Riva is an SDK for building and deploying AI applications that fuse vision, speech and other sensors. It offers a complete workflow to build, train and deploy GPU-accelerated AI systems that can use visual cues such as gestures and gaze along with speech in context.

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Data Science and Analytics

The NVIDIA RAPIDS™ suite of open-source software libraries, built on CUDA-X AI™, gives you the freedom to execute end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines entirely on GPUs..

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The NVIDIA® DOCA™ SDK enables developers to rapidly create applications and services on top of NVIDIA BlueField® data processing units (DPUs), leveraging industry-standard APIs

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Machine Learning Library for 6G Research

NVIDIA Sionna™, a GPU-accelerated open source library for physical-layer research, enables rapid prototyping of complex communication system architectures and provides native support for machine learning in 6G signal processing.

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SoftBank Uses NVIDIA Maxine to Boost Video Conferencing

Learn how SoftBank achieved high-quality video conferencing using NVIDIA Maxine™ AI-based SDKs to improve communication for their users and overcome issues with 5G capacity and coverage.

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Enabling GPU Acceleration in Near-Realtime RAN Intelligent Controllers

VMware and NVIDIA announced a Near-Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller SDK that enables AI and machine learning-powered deployment and monetization of xApps at the 5G network edge.

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Transforming Next-Generation Wireless with 5T for 5G and the NVIDIA Aerial SDK

NVIDIA Mellanox 5T for 5G technology provides a real-time and high-performance solution for building an efficient, time-synchronized CloudRAN infrastructure.

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Palo Alto Networks and NVIDIA on 5G Cloud-Native Security

Find out how Palo Alto Networks and NVIDIA partnered to deliver a near-line rate speed of a next-generation firewall using data processing units (DPUs) for a 5G-native security solution.

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Building an Accelerated 5G CloudRAN at the Edge

Network system developers are using the Aerial SDK to build massive multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO)-capable, fully cloud-native RAN, supporting a wide range of next-generation AI and IoT services using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers.

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SoftBank Benchmarks vRAN with GPUs and the NVIDIA Aerial SDK

SoftBank carried out validation testing of the NVIDIA Aerial SDK, a cloud-native 5G vRAN solution running on NVIDIA GPUs, to test signal processing performance and ability to virtualize 5G base stations.

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Limitless Extended Reality with NVIDIA CloudXR 2.0

NVIDIA CloudXR™ delivers immersive augmented and virtual reality over high-speed networks to low-cost, low-power headsets and mobile devices. Learn how CloudXR frees developers from hardware-level optimizations to focus on building better experiences.

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Monetizing AI at the Edge of Your 5G Network

AI is transforming the high-value, revenue-generating services that telcos can deliver for their enterprise customers at the edge across super-fast 5G networks. Hear how 5G, AI, and the edge unlock a new revenue roadmap for telcos.

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Unlocking the Power of 5G vRAN with Aerial SDK

Explore key features of the Aerial SDK and how it can be used to execute complex mathematical computations for L1 processing.

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5G at the Edge

Find out how Verizon is pairing 5G with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ server on the network edge to create dynamic real-world applications for AR and VR. You'll also learn about the components necessary to create a GPU-based Edge Platform and how to offload GPU intensive processes to the mobile edge.

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Accelerate Your Operations in Telecom with AI

Using NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions, telecom service providers can speed time to data and insights for higher network quality, optimized resource planning, and better customer service. Learn how these transformations enable telecom innovators to use AI-optimized models for maximized productivity at the lowest TCO.

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Bring Real-Time AI to the Edge

AI is erupting at the edge. On factory floors. In stores. On city streets. In urgent care facilities. But it needs a cloud-native, scalable, GPU-accelerated platform that can drive decisions in real time and allow every industry to deliver automated intelligence to the point of action. Learn how to deploy AI at the edge with the NVIDIA EGX™ platform.

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Developer Resources

The NVIDIA Developer Program provides the advanced tools and training needed to successfully build applications on all NVIDIA technology platforms. This includes access to hundreds of SDKs, a network of like-minded developers through our community forums, and more.

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Technical Training

NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers hands-on- training in AI, accelerated computing, and accelerated data science to solve real-world problems. Powered by GPUs in the cloud, training is available as self-paced, online courses or live, instructor-led workshops.

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Accelerate Your Startup

NVIDIA Inception—an acceleration platform for AI, data science, and HPC startups—supports over 7,000 startups worldwide with go-to-market support, expertise, and technology. Startups get access to training through the DLI, preferred pricing on hardware, and invitations to exclusive networking events.

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