NVIDIA Morpheus

NVIDIA Morpheus is a GPU-accelerated, end-to-end AI framework that enables developers to create optimized applications for filtering, processing, and classifying large volumes of streaming cybersecurity data. Morpheus incorporates AI to reduce the time and cost associated with identifying, capturing, and acting on threats, bringing a new level of security to the data center, cloud, and edge. Morpheus also extends human analysts’ capabilities with generative AI by automating real-time analysis and responses, producing synthetic data to train AI models that identify risks accurately, and run what-if scenarios

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Ways to Get Started With NVIDIA Morpheus

Use the right tools to build and deploy AI-based cybersecurity solutions.

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Access Code for Development

Morpheus is available as open-source software on GitHub for developers interested in using the latest pre-release features and who want to build from source.

Access Code on GitHub
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Download Workflows for Development

The digital fingerprinting threat detection and spear phishing detection AI workflows include AI frameworks and resources, such as Helm charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and documentation to give developers a jump-start when building AI solutions.

Download Workflows from NGC
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Purchase NVIDIA AI Enterprise for Production

Get unlimited usage on all clouds, access to NVIDIA AI experts, and long-term support for production deployments with a purchase of NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

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Introductory Resources

Getting Started Guide

Learn three ways to get started with Morpheus, including how to use a pre-built docker container, how to build the Morpheus docker container, and how to build Morpheus from source.

Technical Briefs

Explore the training and inference pipelines, components, prerequisites, and more for working with the cybersecurity AI workflows.


Take a deeper dive into some of the concepts in Morpheus, including anomalous behavior profiling with the RAPIDS Forest Inference Library (FIL), abnormal behavioral profiling detection, graph neural networks (GNN) fraud detection, and more.

Introductory Blog

Explore three use cases that demonstrate how generative AI and large language models (LLMs) improve cybersecurity, as well as three examples for applying AI foundation models for cybersecurity.

Technical Session

Watch NVIDIA Director of Cybersecurity Engineering, Bartley Richardson, as he discusses the power of generative AI in helping businesses detect threats faster, fill data gaps, and enrich models with synthetic training data.

GTC Session

Explore the latest developments in Morpheus and see how you can take advantage of the tools, frameworks, pre-trained models, and infrastructure optimization software for building solutions that tackle cybersecurity challenges.

Content Kits

Access technical content on cybersecurity topics such as spear phishing detection and digital fingerprinting.

Spear Phishing Detection

Spear phishing is one of the largest and most costly cyber threats to organizations. Customized for individuals and usually very convincing, spear phishing emails are difficult to defend against due to a lack of training data. This kit will take you through spear phishing detection built around Morpheus and demonstrate how to use the content.

Digital Fingerprinting

As the number of connected users and devices expands, enterprises are generating more data than they can collect and analyze, creating a cybersecurity challenge. Use this kit to build a fingerprint of every user on the network to better detect anomalies.

Hands-On Labs, Self-Paced Training, and Instructor-Led Workshops

Are you looking to test, prototype, and deploy your own applications and models? NVIDIA LaunchPad provides free access to NVIDIA hardware and software, so you can experience the power of cybersecurity through guided, hands-on labs. Plus, if you’re looking to grow your skills or accelerate your team’s development, NVIDIA Training offers instructor-led workshops and self-paced courses to get you started.

Learn how to build AI-based cybersecurity solutions

Build AI-Based Cybersecurity Solutions LaunchPad Lab

In this free hands-on lab, you’ll find use case examples for digital fingerprinting, analyzing the behavior of every user and machine across the network, detecting and classifying phishing emails, profiling anomalous behavior, and more.

Learn how to detect spear phishing using Generative AI

Spear Phishing Detection Using Generative AI LaunchPad Lab

Have an upcoming cybersecurity AI project? Apply to get hands-on experience using the NVIDIA AI workflow so you can build a faster, more accurate spear phishing detection solution.

Learn how to detect cyber threats using digital fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting to Detect Cyber Threats LaunchPad Lab

Identify and react to cybersecurity threats faster with AI-based threat detection and alert prioritization. Access a step-by-step guided lab for insider threat detection with ready-to-use software, sample data, and applications.

Learn how to develop and deploy NVIDIA digital fingerprinting with Morpheus

Digital Fingerprinting with Morpheus DLI Course

In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience developing and deploying the NVIDIA digital fingerprinting AI workflow that enables 100 percent data visibility and drastically reduces the time to detect threats. You’ll also hear from cybersecurity experts from a variety of institutions about how to use NVIDIA AI frameworks and tools to architect cybersecurity solutions.

Learn how to build AI-based cybersecurity pipelines

Building AI-Based Cybersecurity Pipelines Instructor Led Workshop

Build Morpheus pipelines to process and perform AI-based inference on massive amounts of data for cybersecurity use cases—in real time. Utilize several AI models with a variety of data input types for tasks like sensitive information detection, anomalous behavior profiling, and digital fingerprinting.

Learn how to customize cybersecurity AI workflows

Customize Cybersecurity Workflows LaunchPad Lab

In this hands-on lab, design and optimize end-to-end cybersecurity AI workflows for production deployments of custom use cases using the NVIDIA Morpheus SDK. Simplify deployment of cybersecurity AI models using NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server and its optimization utilities for accelerated inference.

Explore the online community for NVIDIA Morpheus, browse how-to questions and best practices, engage with other developers, and report bugs.

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