Get the best Android development tools for NVIDIA SHIELD: the ultimate Android gaming family.

The NVIDIA® SHIELD™ family of devices provide the most immersive Android gaming and media experience. They are built on the Android operating system - the most popular mobile OS in the world. Powered by the advanced NVIDIA Tegra® mobile processor, console quality game controllers and stunning 4K & HD video and high fidelity audio, NVIDIA SHIELD redefines what gaming can be.

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Vulkan on Android
Vulkan API

Khronos recently announced the public specification for the latest cutting edge 3D API, "Vulkan". NVIDIA provides Vulkan support on Android with its family of SHIELD devices. Through Vulkan, developers have direct low level access to the GPU for ultimate control over 3D games and apps. With a simpler, thinner driver, Vulkan has less latency and overhead than traditional OpenGL, OpenGL ES or Direct3D. Vulkan also has efficient multi-threading capabilities so that multi-core CPUs can keep the graphics pipeline loaded, enabling a new level of performance.

For the latest on how you can take advantage of Vulkan on Android devices, check out NVIDIA's Vulkan on Android page.

Android TV

Android TV Developer Guide - Learn best practices for developing on SHIELD and Android TV including preparing games and apps for game controllers, design considerations and Android TV store requirements.

Android TV Deployment Checklist - Check readiness of an app or game for Android TV with NVIDIA's deployment checklist.

Android TV DevCasts - Watch the NVIDIA Developer YouTube Channel for a jump-start on Android TV app development.

Android TV Recommendations - Get introduced to Android TV recommendations: what they are, when to use them, and how to make best use of the Recommendations API.

Android TV App & Game Tuning - Tips and tricks for developing, publishing and tuning apps and games for Android TV and SHIELD.

General Android

NVIDIA CodeWorks for Android Development Tools - CodeWorks is a professional grade solution which gets Android developers up and coding quickly with a suite of debugging, analysis and deployment tools for all Android platforms.

Guide to Fixing Android Lifecycle Issues - Understand the top Android lifecycle related issues in games that lead to hangs, crashes, and other negative user experiences -- and see how to fix them!

Android Debugging for High Powered Applications - Learn about NVIDIA's suite of development and debugging tools for the Android NDK and how NVIDIA enables EA Firemonkeys and TickTock Games to bring next-gen games to Android.

Android 5 "Lollipop" Development Gotchas - Get development tips and learn what to watch out for in Android's fifth major revision.

NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing and provides a suite of free graphics programming samples demonstrating a host of modern rendering techniques for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and the Android Extension Pack (AEP).


NVASTC Texture Compression Tool - Find the latest news and download links for NVIDIA's CUDA accelerated ASTC texture compression tool.

ASTC Texture Compression Guide - Learn how to leverage the new ASTC texture compression format, delivering higher quality in smaller file and memory footprints.

Watch sessions detailing how to best use NVIDIA's developer tools to debug and optimize games and real-time graphics applications for Windows, Linux and Android.


Get open source links, device recovery images and USB & adb drivers for the family of SHIELD devices.


Get developer information on the advanced stylus capabilities of the SHIELD tablet and Tegra NOTE 7.


Get the latest GameWorks resources plus downloads for NVIDIA SHIELD, including CodeWorks, SDKs, samples, and tools.